I strive to be self-disciplined.

I strive to be self-disciplined.

I take steps each day that lead me closer to the life I desire. My self-discipline enables me to connect with people I love, take care of my body, mind, and spirit, and work at my optimal level.

I sustain meaningful, close relationships because I am self-disciplined. When I agree to do something with family members or friends, I do it. Ensuring I spend adequate time with my partner and children is important.

My physical fitness depends on my discipline. It takes conscious effort to consistently exercise, eat nutritiously, and avoid too many sweets.

My self-discipline keeps me on a path to success.

Much of what I accomplish in a day is attributed to self-discipline. At work, I follow an hourly schedule and keep track of the goals I achieve. I stay focused on my job. My co-workers count on me to do my part and finish work on time.

My self-discipline also provides me with a reliable structure.

It is good to know that I can count on myself to follow through with whatever I put my mind to. I am autonomous and have strength of character because I plan what I want to achieve and then I accomplish my goals.

Today, my plan is to focus on the most important things I wish to accomplish. I want to continue on the path that leads to the life I desire and deserve.

I know I can be successful if I demonstrate self-discipline.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I self-disciplined?
  2. Who do I know whom I consider to be self-disciplined? What is it about their behaviors that I admire?
  3. What are three steps I can take to show more self-discipline?
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