I strive to improve my organizational skills

I strive to improve my organizational skills

Strengthening my organizational skills is important to me. Throughout my day, I encounter situations that require me to take action in order to resolve them. And the more efficient my action, the quicker I can move on to tackle other tasks.
frustrated young business woman with many postits representing concept memory and frustration

I find that my organizational skills are paramount to living life the way I want, filling my days with accomplishments and still leaving time for fun.

So each day, I contemplate what it takes for me to be as organized as possible.

Before beginning a job, I gather the materials and tools I need to finish it. I like to know beforehand where everything I require is located so I can quickly get what I need and move on to the job at hand.

Although it may slow me down a bit, whenever I encounter something that requires sorting or straightening, I do it right away.

Today, I plan to take action to increase my organizational skills. I know I can streamline my home to provide easier access to tools, materials, and personal items I need to live a more organized life. I find that the more organized I am, the better life I live.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. In what situations do I show effective organizational skills?
  2. Are there times that I wish I was more organized? When?
  3. Starting today, what can I do to increase my organizational skills?
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