I strive to manage my time effectively.

I strive to manage my time effectively.

Life provides me with many things to do.
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There are activities I want to do as well as activities that I feel I must accomplish each day. I visit relatives regularly. I love seeing my friends. I take care of my important relationships. I spend time with my children. I do whatever I can to successfully manage these many priorities.

I manage my time by living my life as consciously as I can. I am mindful of which tasks are required of me on any given day. I keep short lists of things that must be completed. I add special entries for activities I want to do.

My thoughts are concerned with finishing “must-do” tasks while scheduling in things I yearn to do. I schedule my life well.

Even though I get very busy throughout the day, I find I am able to live in the moment to enjoy it to its fullest.

As I manage time well, I can work hard on a project for a few hours and then enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend.

Playtime with my kids is filled with love and laughter. Such moments compel me to do everything I can to consciously plan and manage how I spend my time.

Today, I intend to review how well I am dealing with my schedule. I know I can complete work tasks, finish home projects, spend time with those I love, and still have a bit of time left for me each day. Effective time management is tops on my list.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I feel about how I spend my time?
  2. Do I do everything I can to manage my schedule effectively?
  3. Are my highest priorities reflected in my schedule? If not, how can I rearrange my routines to fit in more of what’s most important to me?
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