I strive to understand my emotions.

I strive to understand my emotions.

Staying in touch with how I feel ensures I have the best day possible. When I am aware of how I feel, I rarely experience embarrassment, unexpected outbursts, or uncomfortable moments.


Being in tune with my emotions helps me learn more about myself. I gain a better understanding of what causes me to feel hurt, anger, and disappointment.

Knowing when difficult feelings may be triggered is important so I can ward them off. When I recognize my positive emotions, I can take steps to include them in other aspects of my life.

I realize there is an intimate connection between my feelings and actions.

If seeing the color blue helps me feel calm, I can paint my living room blue. If having to rush through my morning preparations for work causes me stress, I can get up earlier and allow myself extra time.

When I understand my own feelings, I am better able to understand others. Plus, I am in a better position to ask for what I want and need from those in my life. I find that I can deter negative emotions because I am well-acquainted with how I feel.

Today, I am gaining a better understanding of my emotions. The road to a positive life lies ahead of me. I know I can navigate that path because I understand my emotions.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How well do I focus on understanding my feelings?
  2. What are the advantages of gaining greater self-understanding?
  3. What feelings do I experience most often in my day?
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