I support my spouse in the pursuit of their dreams

I support my spouse in the pursuit of their dreams

I am my spouse’s greatest cheerleader because I believe wholeheartedly in their abilities. My partner is intelligent, creative and capable. They can fulfill anything they set their mind to. I work hard to communicate my support effectively to my spouse.

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I affirm my partner with every chance I get because my opinion matters above what anyone else may think. I want them to feel like there is no one else in the world who admires them more than I do. That is why I refrain from harsh criticism.

My spouse has dreams and aspirations that are important to them. I invite them to share those dreams with me in an environment free from judgment and negativity. My partner knows that sharing their dreams is safe with me, and they do so.

Regardless of how large and seemingly impossible their vision may be, I support my partner one hundred percent. The bigger the dream, the more lavish my support.

The way I stand by my spouse is a symbol of my love.

When my spouse has a dream, I see it as an opportunity for me to demonstrate my love in the form of support. I take advantage of every chance I get to show my love in different ways. Encouraging my spouse is a simple way to express how much I appreciate and admire them.

Today, I choose to refrain from over-analyzing facts, and instead allow love to flow through me toward my spouse. With undying support for their dreams, I give myself permission to value my partner’s heart above all else.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Why should I support my spouse’s dreams?
  2. How can I demonstrate support to my spouse in a way they will understand?
  3. Why is it necessary to refrain from harsh criticism?
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