I take time to acknowledge others

I take time to acknowledge others

Each day provides me with opportunities to connect with other people.
Group of people of diferent professions

Regardless of how busy or preoccupied I am, I take time to acknowledge the people around me.

Having good relationships with others makes me feel happy, supported, and involved with life.

An important part of relating with others is communicating with them. Even through simple social gestures, connecting with others is fulfilling. A smile or nod, a “Hi, how are you,” or even a quick, “What’s going on?” are ways I acknowledge others.

I seek opportunities to relate to friends, acquaintances, and my family. I experience feelings of happiness, contentment, and joy when I make social contacts by recognizing others at work or in my neighborhood.

When I experience challenges, I find that connecting with others brings me back to the basics of life. I feel renewed just knowing I can have an easy conversation with a friend or co-worker.

However I may choose to reach out, performing the simple act of acknowledging other people comforts me. And I have faith that others are likewise reassured when I reach out to them.

Today, I am uplifted because I take time to acknowledge others. Even making brief connections with the people around me inspires me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When I first arrive at work or at a social gathering, how do I greet others and relate to them?
  2. Do I tend to wait until people acknowledge me in some way before I acknowledge them? If so, why?
  3. What changes can I make to ensure that I consistently take time to reach out to others?
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