I teach my children to be thankful

I teach my children to be thankful

I lead my children by example. Any behavior I want my children to exhibit, I must master first. I teach my children to be grateful by expressing my own gratitude before them.
young child giving thumbs up sign
No matter how small the deed, I always give thanks when someone does something for me. I understand that when others serve me or buy things for me, it is only out of the generosity in their hearts, not out of obligation.

I appreciate others because I am humble enough to accept that I am not entitled to their kindness.

I guard my children from that sense of entitlement so they may be free to be thankful.

I am selective in the number of material things I give my children. I inspire them to appreciate the things they already have. Often having too much limits a person’s ability to be grateful.

I model a long-term sense of appreciation for my children. I demonstrate thankfulness for my own possessions by taking care of the things I have.

Today, I choose to foster a genuine sense of gratitude in the hearts of my children that goes beyond a simple habit of being polite. I teach my children to use their manners to give thanks and have a deep appreciation for others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I demonstrate gratitude in the way I care for my possessions?
  2. How can I foster a deep sense of gratitude in my children beyond simply giving thanks?
  3. Why is it best to limit the amount of things I buy for my children?
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