I think before I speak.

I think before I speak.

When I have something to share, I consider my ideas and words carefully instead of just blurting out whatever is on my mind.


I realize that, occasionally, my words still may come out differently than the way I intend. Or the listener may hear something different than what I mean. For these reasons, I diligently consider my words before talking.

I ask myself questions like, “What do I want to say?” and “What is the best way to share what I think about this topic?”

I find it is easier to be cautious with my words beforehand rather than to have to apologize or explain myself later.

I am mindful of how I feel and my mood. It is always helpful to be in a positive frame of mind when communicating with others. I remain open to others’ ideas, even if they conflict with my own.

When I am totally uninterested in the topic of a conversation, I listen quietly and typically choose to avoid making a response.

Other times, my interest in the topic triggers me to jump into the conversation and share my thoughts freely. Even then, however, I still make it a point to think before I say something.

Today, I am a watchful “keeper” of my words.

I want my conversations to have a positive impact, so I reflect thoughtfully before I speak.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I think before I speak?
  2. Do I feel confident when I communicate with others? Why or why not?
  3. What can I do to consider my words more carefully prior to sharing them?
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