I tune in to my children by initiating conversations

I tune in to my children by initiating conversations

I love my children, so I delight in hearing their thoughts and feelings. The hearts of children are like treasuries of hopes and dreams. In order to be part of their amazing journey through life, I tune in to them by asking questions.
Father outside with young son

I initiate conversations with my children on a daily basis regardless of my workload. Investing my time in them yields the greatest return.

When my children show little interest in speaking with me, I spend time simply sharing the same space with them. By showing my children I enjoy their presence, I communicate with them just how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

The genuine love I show my children breaks the barriers commonly experienced by parents and children. Regardless of the norms of behavior for a particular age range, my children and I enjoy a pleasant relationship because I demonstrate my love for them.

I refrain from lecturing or judging my children when we talk. Instead, I use our time together as an irreplaceable tool to peek through the window of their soul. The more I talk to my children, the more I learn about myself.

I release myself from intimidation when it comes to interacting socially with my children. Although my most important role as a parent is to teach and train my children, I easily play the role of friend to them as well.

Today, I choose to talk with my children about anything they want. I start out with a simple question, and then continue to delve into their hearts. I am building a strong foundation for communication with my children.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Why is it important to invest socially in my children?
  2. How can I initiate a conversation with my children today?
  3. What can I do to show my undivided attention to my children?
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