I use natural remedies before resorting to medicine

I use natural remedies before resorting to medicine

When I feel ill, I try to get to the root of the problem before deciding on a solution. For example, a headache may easily be momentarily stopped with medicine. But to have long-lasting relief, I am willing to discover the true cause of the problem.

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Pain is one way in which my body communicates to me that something needs attention. A headache may be caused by dehydration. In this case, the solution would be to drink more water.

I learn about how my body works so I can best care for it when issues arise.

Medicine is helpful as a last resort for me. I use medicine when I need to, but I first adjust my habits whenever possible.

There are a number of ways in which I care for my body without needing to resort to pharmaceutical medicine. I adjust my diet to eat balanced meals, I eat a variety of foods, and I continually work toward eliminating unhealthy selections.

I take care of my body by stretching regularly and engaging in physical exercise. Through mental and physical activity, I strengthen my core. Adequate exercise is more efficient than many medicines at providing prolonged health and stability.

Today, I choose to take a close look at my ailments to learn what I can do to help myself feel better without having to take medicine. Whether this means adjusting my diet, exercising regularly, or getting more rest, I do what I can to help myself heal.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I often turn to medicine first, before trying a natural remedy?
  2. How do I benefit from natural healing?
  3. How can I help myself feel better today without using pharmaceutical medicine?
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