I value inner beauty over external looks

I value inner beauty over external looks

The way I look on the inside is much more important to me than the way I appear on the outside. Inner beauty transcends style; it deals with the heart. I give more thought to my behavior than I do my looks because my behavior defines my true beauty.
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Just as I fix my hair and dress my body to look presentable each day, I also devote time to self-reflection.

I give thought to the choices I make and determine in my heart to increase in grace each day.

When I choose my friends, I do it based on inner beauty because therein lies a person’s true worth. I choose to spend my time with people who are pleasant to speak to because they genuinely care about me. I stay away from people who constantly criticize others to make themselves look better.

I am wise enough to discern between people who look good from people who truly are good. The way a person looks is unable to affect the way I feel about them. I refrain from judging people by their outward appearance.

I seek to get to know people through conversation before drawing conclusions about them. There is much more depth to me than the clothes I wear or the way I style my hair. I appreciate when people give me a chance to be myself; therefore I do the same for others.

Today, I choose to look beyond the physical outward appearance of others to discover new depth in those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I benefit from getting to know people past their external appearance?
  2. Why is it erroneous to judge people based on their looks?
  3. Do I choose my friends based on their inner beauty or outward looks?
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