I work for peace.

I work for peace.

I seek to be a peacemaker in my community and in the world. I strive for harmony, unity, and peace. Forging alliances makes me an effective instrument of peace.


I regard myself and others with compassion.

I recognize that we all make mistakes, and I look for solutions rather than assigning blame. I believe in the power of love to heal conflicts. I praise the efforts of others and look for ways to work together.

By choosing my words carefully, I can prevent a family argument or defuse tensions at the office.

I take the wellbeing of others into account when I make decisions. Then, I am less likely to engage in actions that lead to disagreements.

I listen to others and am reminded of their worth. I care about their happiness. This allows my relationships to progress smoothly.

Practicing forgiveness enables me to bring about reconciliation. I am gentle with myself when I make mistakes. I treat others the same way. I accept apologies graciously. Even if someone seems unremorseful, I dispel any bitter feelings.

Cultivating inner peace is also important. I gain time for reflection when I slow down. My sense of tranquility radiates outward and my thoughts become calm.

Today I devote my efforts to creating more peace. I know that my individual actions make a difference.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I use my personal strengths to be a peacemaker?
  2. In what ways can I direct my career towards working for peace?
  3. What is one example of how my actions have brought more peace into the world?
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