In everything I do, success is my goal.

In everything I do, success is my goal.

The word, “success,” holds special meaning for me. When I am successful, I accomplish the intended purpose in a given situation. When I try to do my best job at work and I achieve that, then I am successful.


Although success sometimes eludes me, my intent in life is to succeed each time it is within my power.

Trying times occur in my life and I accept this fact. Yet, I also know that I put forth my best efforts in the toughest of circumstances.

In conversations with my spouse, I exert my attention, patience, and best communication skills to arrive at a successful exchange.

With my children, I strive to have a positive impact and demonstrate understanding and loving care toward them.

As the workplace presents its own special challenges, I accept there may be times when I lack complete control over how things proceed. However, I still make success my goal.

Sometimes, my view of what success looks like in a situation changes. But this fact shows my flexibility and reflects that the meaning of success can vary, depending on the specific details of a situation.

Today, regardless of the circumstances, success is my goal. Life is good, largely due to my daily efforts to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I consider myself a successful person? If not, why not?
  2. What actions contribute to my success?
  3. What more can I do that will bring me even greater success?
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