Keeping my mood elevated allows me to have greater concentration.

Keeping my mood elevated allows me to have greater concentration.

I maintain a positive mood because I know that is when I am most creative.

When I am happy, my mind is free from worry or stress, and I can concentrate on the important things.

An elevated mood also allows others around me to feel at peace. When I am in a good mood, I am approachable. People feel comfortable coming to me with ideas or concerns.

My kids are more open to me when I accept their thoughts with an open mind. I can fairly assess what they present and provide honest feedback.

There are times when unavoidable circumstances weigh on my mind, heart, and body. I recognize when these circumstances change my mood because there is a distinct difference in my ability to get things done.

I avoid allowing those feelings to persist for long. I know I am relied upon in both my personal and professional lives. I stay focused on what is important.

I shake it off when I am in a bad mood. Then I try to resolve whatever is weighing me down. I am a firm believer in dealing with issues head on.

I endeavor to keep turmoil far away, so I can adequately utilize the talents bestowed upon me.

Today, I look forward to the opportunity to produce greatness with my positive mood and outlook. I acknowledge that I am at my best when my mind and soul are free from inner turmoil.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What can I do to lift my mood when I am feeling down?
  2. Do I rely on the support of friends and family to keep me grounded and at ease?
  3. Have I noticed a difference in my concentration levels between when I am stressed and when I feel happy?
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