Living honestly is very important to me.

Living honestly is very important to me.

My ability to rest comfortably each night comes from the fact that I live a very honest life. It is crucial for my happiness and peace of mind for me to be truthful in my interactions with others.


I also recognize how important it is to first be honest with myself. Admitting my true strengths and weaknesses equips me to be open and honest with others.

I pay keen attention to my conscience and stay away from thoughts, words and decisions that are contradictory to what I know to be right.

On days when I allow pressures to push me to be dishonest, it is difficult for me to concentrate on other activities and succeed at other tasks. So, I realize that being sincere in the first place is really easier in the end.

Living honestly is also important to me because I embrace all the responsibilities that come with being a role model. I know that if I am to be an exemplary role model, I must first start with being transparent and true.

Today, I avoid compromise when it comes to honesty.

I stand ready to be honest in all circumstances, regardless of the outcome. I know that at the end of the day, my peace of mind is what is really important and I can only achieve that peace by being true.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Have my friends ever asked me to be dishonest in order to save them from negative outcomes? What happened? How do I feel now about my decision?
  2. Do I defer being honest because the timing might not be right?
  3. How do I set a good example of honesty for my children?
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