Love opens the door to forgiving others.

Love opens the door to forgiving others.

My mission in life is to show love to as many people as possible. Giving love to others helps me become a more positive person with a forgiving heart.


I know I can give love in a variety of ways. I share hugs, kisses, and kind words with friends and family and ensure those sentiments reflect my true feelings.

When I am truthful, it is easier to handle tough situations with friends and family. At times, we disagree and hurtful words are exchanged. I am able to forgive because my love is genuine.

Love helps me have an open mind and listen without prejudice. I can resolve disagreements and forgive when necessary.

I am thankful for forgiveness. It feels great when others forgive me. I know that I am forgiven because I am loved.

I share food, clothes, and money with the less fortunate. I believe helping others is another way to display a loving heart. Understanding that there are needs greater than my own helps me to be able to forgive those who do me wrong.

Today, my love for others is the driving force behind how I treat them.

I commit to treating others with respect. I believe that forgiveness is a huge part of being respectful.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What does it take to have a loving heart?
  2. How am I able to love others who fail to show love towards me?
  3. When has it been difficult for me to forgive others?
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