Making it through challenges enriches my life.

Making it through challenges enriches my life.

In my life today, I expect obstacles and understand their place in my existence. Positive things happen to me, even when I am facing a challenge.


Meeting the day’s trials and tribulations provides me with numerous opportunities to grow as a person. I learn something new about myself, especially when I solve a sticky situation.

I emerge a stronger, more vibrant human being.

Making it through a challenge means I expand my mind and character. I become a better person because of the obstacles I must navigate through. My knowledge about myself and the world continues to grow.

Traversing daily trials allows me to solve uncomfortable situations. Occasionally, I am stumped or vexed by something. But the rewarding feelings I experience as I work through these situations are worth my time and effort. The successes I achieve bring me strong positive feelings.

My character strengthens as I encounter a challenge. I stretch myself intellectually. I push myself physically.

I embrace feelings of jubilation as I recognize I can conquer whatever challenge crosses my path.

Today, I recommit to being positive as I work through challenges. I remind myself that life is full of obstacles that I must face. I intend to rise up to meet these challenges with gusto and integrity.

My life is enriched because of my efforts to rise above the trials and tribulations that happen to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How do I feel about meeting a challenge?
  2. What kinds of efforts do I make when I encounter a challenging situation?
  3. When the next obstacle arises in my life, how will I approach it differently?
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