Making new friends is easy for me

Making new friends is easy for me

Whenever I am placed in situations where I am unacquainted with the people around me, I put effort into meeting them. I reach out to find a connection. Making new friends comes easily to me.
two men shaking hands
It is important to manifest confidence when starting friendships. I believe that I have enough self-assurance to approach someone new and strike up a conversation. I smile readily and make eye contact with newcomers in social situations.

I also have a positive outlook on life that most people find refreshing when we meet for the first time. I am optimistic that letting someone new into my life can benefit both of us.

Establishing new friendships is fun and exciting. I view getting to know another person as an adventure.

My curiosity kicks into high gear as I make new friends. I strive to learn everything about new acquaintances, including whatever we may have in common.

I truly enjoy getting to know new people in my life. Making new friends brings me joy and pleasure. Each person I meet has the potential to enrich my life in a substantial way. I am thankful that I make new friends easily.

Today, I am pleased and proud that making new friends is easy for me. I intend to make every effort to keep reaching out to others so I can experience the joy of new friendships.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Is making new friends easy for me? If not, why not?
  2. Do I enjoy reaching out to others in hopes of establishing new friendships?
  3. How can I improve my efforts to make new friends?
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