Making positive changes to my nutrition energizes me

Making positive changes to my nutrition energizes me

I am making healthy alterations to my diet. Working to improve my nutrition reminds me that my health is important to me. New energy is created by these positive changes to my food intake.

fit woman eating salad

Wellness is an important focus in my life.

I recognize that to be well, I must eat healthy foods. The changes I am making are positive. I know this is true because they make me feel energetic and alive.

I am open to trying a variety of fruits and vegetables. When I find myself feeling hungry, I now reach for a fresh apple or carrot to satisfy my appetite in between meals. At dinner, I focus on filling most of my plate with vegetables to stave off any late-night snacking.

Healthy protein and high fiber foods also contribute to my feelings of vibrancy. I make gradual changes to my daily nutritional intake by including lean protein and whole grain foods. My body responds positively to these changes.

The old adage, “You are what you eat,” is my new motto. Thinking about what I consume each day is necessary if I want to remain healthy and energized. These positive changes have an impact on every facet of my life. I feel full of vitality.

Today, I choose to focus on eating mostly plant-based foods to keep my energy level high. I plan to include lean protein as well. Making these positive changes to my diet invigorates me.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I embrace or resist making positive changes to my nutrition?
  2. Am I in touch with my body and how it feels when I eat more plant-based foods?
  3. How can I focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting down on sweets and fatty foods?
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