My ability to see things in their true form shields me from unnecessary pain

My ability to see things in their true form shields me from unnecessary pain

I have a solid grasp on reality. Even the smallest things are run through my filter. I take life as it is and I see things in their true form.

My ability to assess situations realistically allows me to shield myself from unnecessary pain and disappointment.

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When it comes to gaining my trust, slow and steady wins the race. If someone tells me they are going to do something nice for me, I temper my excitement and wait to see what happens.

People must earn positions of trust with me before I am comfortable counting on them. And my trust is earned by proving reliability over time.

This mentality also applies to other situations in my life. My realism allows me to steer clear of scams when seeking employment, purchasing a vehicle, choosing a new home, or any other large decision.

I stay realistic by simply avoiding opportunities that seem too good to be true. By gauging what value or benefit the other party may get from being generous, I can come to an informed conclusion.

Avoiding pain and disappointment is easy. All I have to do is remove the rose-colored glasses and see things with my unbiased awareness.

Today, I am proud to say that I am my own protector. I involve myself only with people and situations that prove to be legitimate and beneficial.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I often fooled by others simply because I refuse to see the red flags?
  2. Do I assess situations realistically?
  3. How can I learn to make more informed decisions about people?
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