My achievements make me proud.

My achievements make me proud.

When I look at my accomplishments in light of the trials of my past, my heart fills with pride. Rising from the midst of fiery times is enough to make me feel thrilled to be where I am today.

Young woman gardening - planting flowers

Seeing my family causes my heart to overflow with joy. My children are living proof that prayers and unwavering dedication to a dream can yield the desired results.

The happy consequence of my academic achievements is the job of my dreams, which also rewards me with pride and happiness. I know that I can move on from strength to strength at my workplace because I am passionate about my job.

Anything with a successful outcome that I am involved in is an achievement in my book.

When I help my friends overcome emotional heartache, I feel proud of my ability to be a true supporter to those I love.

Today, being myself and staying true to my beliefs makes me very proud. I am happy that I can remain true to myself, even when it is unpopular to do so. I believe that my integrity enables me to achieve great success.

There is nothing to me like winning after I put in hard, honest effort!

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Are my family and friends proud of me when I have meaningful achievements?
  2. Do I give up easily when something I am aiming for doesn’t come through?
  3. How can I encourage my loved ones to keep trying at things that are important to them?
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