My actions are an authentic reflection of my emotions

My actions are an authentic reflection of my emotions

I am free to be open about who I am and how I feel. My thoughts and my actions are one and the same because I have nothing to hide. My personality is marked by honesty because I am a kind person inside and out.

The way I act outwardly is a genuine representation of how I feel on the inside.

police officer offering donuts

My actions are soaked with sincerity.

Because I have nothing to hide, I hide nothing.

I place great value into self-reflection so that if negativity ever arises, I deal with it from the inside out. Rather than controlling my actions in order to appear polite, I deal with the matter at the root. By changing the attitude of my heart, my actions improve.

People feel free to be themselves around me because they know how I feel. I am trustworthy because I am the same in front of people as I am behind their backs. Being trustworthy is a quality that draws people and strengthens relationships.

I accept myself just as I am; therefore I can accept others for who they are as well. I can respect others because I am confident in who I am. Self-confidence is the antithesis to judgment.

If deception ever tries to tempt me, I remind myself of the bondage that it brings and choose instead to be free through honesty. People appreciate being able to take me at my word.

Today, I choose to free myself to be one in thought and actions. I choose to deal with my feelings quickly so that my actions are genuine.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I be more sincere?
  2. Why is it best to deal with the root of the matter rather than put on an act?
  3. How can I stop the urge to be deceptive?
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