My ambition is on the rise.

My ambition is on the rise.

I stay in touch with the elements of my personality that compel me to move forward in life. It is important for me to know which characteristics I want to strengthen, increase, or develop more fully.


One of my personality traits that I see as very important is ambition. I strive to remain aware of my drive for success.

Having a drive to achieve goals is a cornerstone of success. I believe I possess this initiative to progress successfully in life. And I can see that my ambition increases with each task I complete.

I am proud of my ambition.

As I find myself focusing more and more on my motivation in life, I see my ambition blossoming.

When I am aware of my ambition, I recognize that it brings me the motivation to perform at my highest levels at home and in my career. I believe my ambition increases as each day goes by.

Today, I plan to notice my level of ambition in whatever I do. Whether it is getting things done around my home, working on a project at work, or helping a friend, I can observe within myself the strength of my drive for success. I smile as I reflect on how my ambition is getting stronger.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How would I rank my ambition on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being no ambition and 10 being the highest ambition possible?
  2. In an average week, how often do I consider the impact of my motivation for success?
  3. Do I notice how it feels when I am ambitious about some area of my life?
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