My confidence is visible in my appearance.

My confidence is visible in my appearance.

I stand tall and broad with a positive, yet calm facial expression. I take my time getting ready for my day.


My appearance is important to gaining respect from others and feeling good about myself.

Each day when I dress with my personal needs in mind, I positively influence those around me.

A careless appearance evokes a mediocre vibe, even though I know I deserve esteem.

When I am feeling less than grand, I allow my appearance to deflect my inner emotions.

Knowing my outer appearance is put together and neat allows my mind to become orderly and helps me push away any negative thoughts.

I approach my appearance with only positive thoughts. I know what my body looks like and what looks favorable on my body type. I know what colors make my eyes look outstanding and which shoes make me stand tall and proud.

The way I walk into a room, how I sit in a chair, and how I face another person when I greet them are all actions that others judge. Having a put together appearance and welcoming body language shows my true persona.

My appearance is in my complete control. I have power in my appearance.

Today, even though I dress to please myself, I also choose to dress to impress. My self-esteem is derived from my opinion of myself, but earning respect from others is important to me too.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I dress to impress?
  2. Do others take me seriously in ways that are important to me?
  3. What can I achieve through my appearance?
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