My conscientiousness is evident.

My conscientiousness is evident.

When I take part in a task or project, I do everything I can to do it well. I show extreme care and effort in what I do. It is important to me to be conscientious about anything I am involved in. I am thorough, involved, and hard-working.


When I am conscientious, those I work with and relate to also enjoy the benefits of my hard work. So it’s a win-win situation for all. I get to be proud of myself and they see benefits as well.

Being conscientious also means I consider my own ideas about doing the right thing.

My conscience comes into play regardless of the task. I think about what I believe in when taking part in a project and stay true to my beliefs. Considering what I feel is the right thing matters greatly to me.

I am energized by the idea that others can learn from my conscientiousness.

I engage in my tasks with an open heart and sense of care and effort.

Today, I intend to put forth my most conscientious efforts for all my tasks. I care about demonstrating to others that I follow my conscience and one tenet of my beliefs is that hard work and excellence are important. I want my conscientiousness to be evident in whatever I do.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Can other people see that I am conscientious?
  2. What does being conscientious mean to me?
  3. How can I foster a greater focus on being more conscientious in my everyday life?
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