My daily routine is increasing my discipline

My daily routine is increasing my discipline

I grow in self-discipline by applying myself to a daily routine. Using a set schedule, I allocate ample time to the things that matter most to me. This enables me to fulfill my goals.
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I design my daily routine based on what I want to accomplish each day. My schedule is a reflection of my short term and long term goals.

By continuously living by my routine, I am inching closer to the dreams I seek to achieve.

There are areas in my life where order is imperative if I want to succeed. A daily schedule keeps my life organized and free from clutter. When my days are liberated from chaos, ideas flow freely through me.

A routine serves as motivation for me to do things that may not be exciting to do but are necessary to my overall success. Completing tasks sporadically leads to a loss of passion. Instead, I keep my enthusiasm high by working with steadfast determination.

I have the power to change my personality by adhering to a routine. The more I complete a task, the more natural that completion feels. Eventually, success becomes part of who I am.

Faithfully living my routine leads me to develop character traits that are essential to my overall purpose in life. I refuse to use my personality as an excuse to miss out on my greater calling. I take advantage of the power of a routine to help myself overcome my shortcomings.

Today, I choose to add discipline to my life by sticking to my daily schedule. My overall satisfaction increases as I adhere to my regular routine.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What can I add to my daily routine to develop desirable habits?
  2. How would my life benefit from a schedule?
  3. What amount of discipline do my dreams require?
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