My energy level is increasing

My energy level is increasing

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I am taking better care of my body than I ever have before. My choice of foods is improving as I become more aware of what I am putting into my body. Each day, I drink plenty of water and eat a healthy breakfast to help start my day off right.

My meals are loaded with fruits and vegetables, which are excellent sources of energy and low in fat.

To keep a high level of energy, I make every effort to stay active. I take time each morning to stretch my muscles and I get some exercise every day.

Throughout the day, I look for simple ways to keep my body moving. By parking my vehicle far away from where I am going and taking stairs instead of elevators, I increase my level of activity, thus raising my overall sense of well-being.

Being active increases blood flow to my brain and causes me to have even more energy. The cycle of a healthy and vigorous lifestyle begins by being active.

Getting sufficient rest is vital to my energy level. Within me, I find the self-control to turn off all devices and distractions and give myself the gift of sleep.

I love myself enough to stick to a bedtime in order to get plenty of rest.

When I get enough sleep, my energy level soars. I wake up in a positive mood, happy, and ready to face the day.

Today, I choose to get plenty of rest, drink water, stay active and eat healthy to increase my vitality. As my body feels better, my performance level improves.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can I be active today?
  2. What healthy meal can I eat for lunch today?
  3. How can I plan ahead in order to get to bed earlier tonight?
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