My family is my refuge away from the world

My family is my refuge away from the world

Each day, I work diligently to earn a living for my family. Some days are easier than others, but when the going gets tough, I find comfort in knowing that I’ve got my own refuge away from the world – my family.

My family means more to me than words can explain. Simple things make me happy, from the sight of my children excited to huddle up on the couch beside me, to seeing my parents hold hands after so many years of marriage.

family of four walking on beach

I make a point of spending time with my loved ones.

Quality family time is essential to building a strong foundation for our children.

It also gives me peace of mind and reminds me that my hard work is paying off on a daily basis.

Though the things we do are far from extravagant, I feel fortunate to be able to seek refuge in the comfort of my own home and loved ones. I know that many others around me are unable to enjoy these simple pleasures in life. And for this reason, I give thanks for the wonderful family environment I have each and every day.

To me, firing up the grill for the night or making a dinner alongside my spouse is far more valuable than heading out for a night on the town with a few of my friends.

Today, I value my family for everything we are. We are such a successful family because my partner and I are determined to provide the best for each one of us. And I say we deserve a pat on the back for that!

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I unknowingly release my stresses of the office onto my family?
  2. Do we spend quality time together every day?
  3. How can I instill strong family values in my children?
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