My goals are attainable because I believe in my abilities.

My goals are attainable because I believe in my abilities.

I have confidence in my skills and talents. Without a doubt, they help me hit every target I set for myself. At times, I surprise myself with the talents I am able to demonstrate.


In difficult situations, I remind myself that I can overcome any challenge because I am a smart, quick-witted individual. I endeavor to find alternatives if a particular approach results in anything other than the desired outcome.

At work, I know I am competent enough to complete the tasks assigned to me. So I tackle each day’s goals with gusto.

At home, I make exciting plans for my family’s future because I am confident in my ability to carry them out.

I set reachable financial goals for myself and ensure they are met. There are always ways for me to be smarter with my money so I find those ways and make them work for me. I am able to save consistently each month because I manage my money wisely.

Today, I believe that the things I set my mind on are already mine because of my unwavering confidence in my abilities. I pursue every goal until I attain it.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I encourage my children to set and attain goals?
  2. Do I sometimes get nervous because I am unsure of my ability to hit a target?
  3. Am I discouraged when I am unable to attain a goal in the desired timeframe?
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