My life gets better with each passing day

My life gets better with each passing day

I am pleased with how my life is going. I am surrounded by love.

The work I engage in every day brings me intellectual stimulation and challenge. I enjoy my children and relationships. Through daily exercise, I strengthen my physical abilities. And I understand completely what my life priorities are.

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For these reasons and more, my life gets better each day. I consciously take note of what happens in my day. I am uplifted by the smallest of experiences. My neighbor says, “Good morning,” and I feel pleased that I am connected to others. My partner prepares a good breakfast for our family, and I feel cared for at home.

Noticing all these occurrences bring joy to my day. I realize that life is wonderful every single day.

Even though I sometimes struggle with challenges, I still see the positive aspects of the day.

No matter what else happens, the sun still shines and the rain still waters the flowers. My legs still carry me and my mind still thinks. Everything is okay.

Believing that my life gets better every day is a positive way of viewing the world. This belief sets me up to receive prosperity and good fortune. Thinking positively propels me forward in life.

Today, I reflect on how my life has become better in the last 24 hours. I intend to focus just on this day so I can learn to be attentive to the small things that make my life better each day.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I grateful for the little things in life that happen each day?
  2. Do I notice positive occurrences every single day?
  3. How can I recognize the ways in which my life gets better and better?
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