My life is full of peace and happiness.

My life is full of peace and happiness.

My life is full of peace and happiness because I am pursuing my purpose in life.

I am confident that I am on the right path because I use and develop the interests and talents that my Creator has instilled in me.


I have let go of the notion that I should be something I was not created to be. When I focus on developing my own natural talents, I achieve peace and a sense of harmony.

I am productive because I am working within the perimeters of my own personality.

I admire others and learn from their experiences. I glean strategies for success and decide whether or not they would suit me. But I reject the idea that anyone else’s path is more important than my own.

A healthy family, community, or society has a variety of different roles and functions, each one vital to the well-being of the whole. Some are more visible than others and some tend to garner more applause, but all are equally important.

I let go of the temptation to do things just to receive the applause of others. Instead, I focus on developing my true self, knowing that this is what makes me most productive and brings me peace and happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I trying to adopt someone else’s purpose in life?
  2. Whose approval am I seeking by my actions?
  3. What am I doing to fulfill my purpose in life?
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