My marriage is thriving

My marriage is thriving

At times, it seems as if every time I turn my head I see another broken relationship. Marriages that appeared strong fizzle right before my eyes with no apparent warning.

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In this sea of broken relationships, my marriage is as strong as ever. This is because I take time to nurture my partnership.

In my marriage, I give one hundred percent, regardless of what my spouse does.

When I focus on what I can give, it inspires my spouse to do the same. Through my behavior, I establish a culture of selfless giving in my marriage. Both my spouse and I seek to serve each other rather than ourselves.

My marriage is thriving in the midst of broken relationships because it is anchored on selfless love. Marriages that are fastened to self-interest almost inevitably lose their grip and get washed away by waves of egocentricity.

Having realistic expectations of my marriage and my partner helps me handle challenges with a level head. I forgive my spouse for imperfections just as I want them to forgive me for mine. I have an unrelenting resolve to work through any type of argument with my partner.

Being married to my spouse is a joy for me. I love my partner too much to allow any hurdle to get in the way of the life we dreamed together. I fight for my spouse with passion and without ceasing.

Today, I choose to have faith in my marriage regardless of the fearful picture painted by the broken relationships around me. I believe with all my heart that I am capable of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with my spouse.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I forgive my spouse for human imperfections?
  2. How can I improve communication with my spouse?
  3. How can I serve my spouse more selflessly?
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