My personal interests fulfill me.

My personal interests fulfill me.

I love having spare time each day. My hobbies and activities bring me many benefits. They relax and energize me all at the same time.

Young woman gardening - planting flowers

Engaging in my hobbies helps me stay in touch with my thoughts and feelings.

I can work out stress and solve challenges while enjoying many of my hobbies.

Doing research on my favorite topics fuels my passion. When I read a book or seek out online material related to a favored hobby, my creative juices begin to flow. I think of new things I can do with the new knowledge gained.

I find it particularly enlightening to discover different ways of doing the physical activities that I enjoy. Watching a television show about swinging the golf club with the power of my whole body or pacing myself when I go for a long run inspires me to achieve more in those activities.

When I do the things I love, I am a healthier, happier person. I feel stronger, as if I can confront any troublesome situation and come out ahead of the game.

Today, I plan to spend at least an hour doing things I love to do. It is fulfilling to engage in activities that bring me comfort and happiness. Taking part in my beloved hobbies makes my life better in many ways.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are my favorite interests, hobbies, and activities?
  2. How often do I engage in the things I love to do?
  3. How can I work more time into my schedule for my personal interests?
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