My perspective remains positive in adverse situations

My perspective remains positive in adverse situations

My view of life is optimistic because my thoughts about the future are positive. With excitement and anticipation, I look forward to my best days, which I believe are ahead of me.

The way I feel about life is the result of a conscious decision I’ve made to be steadfast in my faith. My unwavering hope draws blessings my way.

In my mind, I give room only to positive thoughts and visions of success. I refrain from entertaining fearful or doubtful thoughts.

Regardless of where I find myself in life, I think positively. My perspective is unshaken because it is rooted on a solid ground of faith. Daily, I choose to believe in my dreams. Daily, I choose to believe there is good in everyone around me.

Because I choose to believe, seemingly negative events are unable to damage my perspective.

police officer listing to emotional woman

When people disappoint me, I forgive them and allow myself to trust them again. When a door closes, I allow myself to seek a new opportunity.

I am more than a survivor; I am a conqueror. My dreams thrive in the midst of adversity. The only one with the power to alter my destiny is me. Difficulties have no effect on my purpose because I refuse to give away my power to my situations.

Today, I choose to believe in hope. I allow what I know in my heart to carry me above what I see with my eyes, so that I can remain unstoppable. I choose to rise above adverse situations by staying true to my positive self.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Why is it necessary for hope to triumph over what we see with our eyes?
  2. What happens to my feelings when I lead with my actions?
  3. How do I respond to disappointment?
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