My philosophy of life is evident in my actions

My philosophy of life is evident in my actions

The way I act is a direct expression of my philosophy of life.

I am true to my beliefs even in challenging situations.

My conduct and speech bring honor to my family because it reflects the values we hold together.

Regardless of who is around me, I remain true to what I believe. I am strong enough to overcome the temptation of compromising my principles to gain popularity. Within me, I find the courage to stand up for what I believe, even if I am standing alone.

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In the midst of challenges or at times when it would be easier to give in to a spontaneous outburst of emotion, I keep my cool. I wait until I am calm to respond so my responses are well thought out.

My actions match my beliefs because I devote time to daily self-reflection. Through self-reflection I become aware of my habits.

Self-reflection allows me to identify areas where I have drifted away from my values. When I make a mistake, I simply repent and make amends wherever I can.

With love and self-acceptance, I forgive myself as I guide my actions back toward my principles. As a member of the human family, it is almost guaranteed that I will mess up, but my values are not about being perfect, they are about staying honest.

Today, I choose to take time to reflect on my behavior. I identify my philosophy of life and evaluate my performance by comparing my actions to my personal values.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What is my philosophy of life?
  2. Are my actions accurate expressions of those beliefs?
  3. How does self-reflection help me stay true to myself?
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