My positive nature brings abundance into my life.

My positive nature brings abundance into my life.

My positive nature ensures I live a life that is blessed with wonderful people and bountiful gifts.


If I believe that being positive brings me many good things, then I must also accept that being anything less than positive delivers less than positive results.

While I am at work, I am sometimes presented with opportunities that upset or irritate me. However, I get hold of those feelings and quickly turn them around into a more positive mood.

When I feel overwhelmed or bored, I remind myself that if I want abundance to come to me, I must send out vibes that show interest, support, and care.

My choices and feelings matter to others as well as to me. I am comforted by the positivity I show to others throughout the day.

My rewards for demonstrating positivity are many. I make and keep new friends. My family members appreciate having me around. My friends see I am supportive toward them so they return the favor. Co-workers recognize I can be counted on to extend help, offer guidance, or chip in to finish a project if they are in a pinch.

Today, I reflect on all the ways that I am positive toward others. I want to ensure that I continue to relate in a positive and supportive manner to everyone. Showing my positivity always brings abundance into my life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I view myself as being mostly positive in my interactions with others?
  2. Can I make the connection between all that I have in life and my positivity?
  3. How will I demonstrate that I have a positive nature, regardless of the circumstances?
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