My relationship with my partner is positive and loving

My relationship with my partner is positive and loving

My relationship with my partner is my highest priority.

I want to enjoy every moment we have together and hope that they feel the same way. Therefore, how I relate to my partner matters to me.
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I fully understand that I am responsible for my feelings and behaviors in my relationship with my partner. My mood is a powerful thing. How I emotionally engage with this special person determines how our day progresses.

I take care to demonstrate my positive and loving feelings to my partner. Because I understand that my behavior illustrates my feelings, I am careful in my daily actions toward the love of my life.

Each day, I assume responsibility for my part of the relationship. I have control over what I say and how I act toward my partner. I take great pride in ensuring my relationship is positive and loving.

When I say or do something that is unkind, I apologize. Then, I seek to do whatever I can to make the situation right and keep myself from repeating the behavior.

Today, I plan to contemplate all the ways in which my relationship with my partner is positive and loving. I vow to cultivate experiences with my partner that shows kindness and compassion.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Is my relationship with my partner positive and loving?
  2. Do my mood, feelings and behaviors show care and compassion? If not, what is preventing me from exhibiting this expression?
  3. What can I do to ensure I have a positive and loving relationship with my partner?
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