My wisdom develops more with every misstep I make.

My wisdom develops more with every misstep I make.

I look at every experience as a blessing. Every chance I get to participate in something is an opportunity to learn something new. Even when the outcome is unfavorable, I push myself to find the deeper meaning.


I become wiser with every error I make.

I take the time to learn how to approach a situation differently the next time around.

When someone in authority criticizes my performance, I accept it. I use criticism to help me grow and do better in the future. I try to never make the same error twice.

I accept that I am a flawed individual, but I strive to correct my weaknesses.

If I react harshly to my child out of anger, I walk away and take a few minutes to myself. I use this time to analyze my actions. I make the effort every time to apologize when I make a poor decision.

Having wisdom is like being able to predict the future. Knowing how to approach things makes handling unexpected situations much easier.

I am a confident person. I feel assured that everything I am involved with can only turn out well. I can conquer any challenge because I am armed with wisdom and experience.

Today, I accept my role as a unique individual with many lessons left to learn. I embrace each misstep as a valuable experience that contributes to my wisdom.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I share the wisdom from my experiences with others around me?
  2. Am I able to effectively apply one bad experience to another situation for a better outcome?
  3. How can I remain positive in all circumstances?
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