Nature inspires me to maintain inner beauty.

Nature inspires me to maintain inner beauty.

When I look out my bedroom window,

I marvel at how effortlessly beautiful the elements of nature are.


I recognize how easy it is for birds and flowers to provide beauty. Their foundation originates from a pure, magnificent vision.

The creations of nature inspire me to maintain my inner beauty. They remind me that my foundation also originates from an awesome vision.

I am humbled to know that, like the birds and flowers, I am of value to a higher being. I commit to living up to that value through maintaining my inner beauty.

Each day, I endeavor to be kind to others, even if the circumstances are uncomfortable.

When I am kind, those around me recognize it. Others instantly bring their walls down when they sense my kindness. Kindness opens doors to agreement, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Forgiveness allows me to have true inner peace. Peace shines through all my layers and envelops those who offend me.

I really try to focus on only thinking pure thoughts about others. I endeavor to maintain a forgiving spirit.

Today, I relish in drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature. I try to mirror the radiance exuded by nature and commit to allowing only beautiful things to consume my mind and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I treat all living beings with love and respect?
  2. What can I do to encourage my children to be more forgiving of others?
  3. Do I feel beautiful and flawless on the outside when I focus on my inner beauty?
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