Offering love to others brings me peace.

Offering love to others brings me peace.

One of my greatest satisfactions is being able to show love to others.

I feel sincere inner peace when I reach out in charity, friendship and forgiveness.


In a disagreement, I am quick to apologize if I allow myself to get angry. I know that taking an angry stance is contrary to a peaceful resolution, so I am conscious of my response all the time.

I show my love for others when I am the first to offer the olive branch. When I reach out in this way, I feel every bit of weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I accept when someone else treats me unkindly and I make it clear to them that I forgive their actions. I let go of their transgressions and focus on having a positive, clean spirit.

Today, I remind myself of how important it is to offer love to others. I embrace my responsibility to show them how much better the outcome could be if only they offer love. I love to love!

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Are there times when I allow my anger to get the best of me?
  2. Do I sometimes feel unsettled even when I have extended love to someone else?
  3. Am I able to avoid negative outcomes by speaking softly and kindly to others?
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