Opportunities for financial growth continue to come my way

Opportunities for financial growth continue to come my way

I am blessed because I can manage my finances responsibly. I work hard to meet my family’s needs. When things get tough, I work harder. I have a positive attitude about my financial future. My heart is filled with gratitude for what I have.

Rather than being someone who frequently seeks to take from others, I look for ways to give. My attitude has placed me on the path of constant increase. Takers always need and givers always have something to give. The more I give, the more I have to share.

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From working long hours to cutting back on my spending, there is no sacrifice I wouldn’t make for my family. My job is to provide in any way I can.

I keep my eyes open for ways in which I can increase my income.

I educate myself by doing research on the latest moneymaking strategies. I attend seminars and workshops to find out ways in which I can make my money grow. Most importantly, I am active about networking and building relationships.

The relationships I build result in opportunities for financial growth. When I overcome shyness, I am free to initiate conversations with others to tell them all about my skills. Taking that courageous first step is opening doors for me because people are interested in what I do.

Today, I choose to speak up about my abilities without fear because I have a lot to give. My boldness sparks interest and draws opportunities for financial growth my way.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • How can I increase my income?
  • Why is it important to network?
  • When was the last time I initiated a conversation about my skills?
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