Pampering myself helps clear my mind.

Pampering myself helps clear my mind.

I believe that mental clarity is the key to creativity and success. I am able to be more creative and innovative when my mind is clear. I do whatever is necessary to achieve mental clarity.


Pampering myself helps me to develop a clearer mind. Taking time to treat myself to relaxation gives me the downtime I require to regroup. When I treat myself well, I feel encouraged to perform at my optimum level.

I choose various ways to pamper myself because I believe a relaxed body leads to a relaxed mind.

When my budget allows, I take some time at a spa. I get a massage or other body treatment that soothes my muscles. A change of environment is just as therapeutic as a massage, so I sometimes take long drives out of town or visit someone I rarely see.

A new environment helps me forget about life’s everyday stresses. I replace stressful thoughts with fresh ideas. I become more focused on what I need to do after a change of scenery.

When I achieve a goal, I treat myself to something nice. Pampering myself leads to greater happiness and satisfaction.

Today, I stand behind the idea of pampering my mind and body. I know it is a necessary part of my sanity and motivation. My life is more fulfilling when I allow myself to be pampered.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What can I do to pamper those around me so they feel encouraged and motivated?
  2. Why do certain circumstances make it difficult for me to have a clear mind?
  3. When does pampering myself take away from my natural drive to work hard?
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