Putting things into perspective helps me live a calm life.

Putting things into perspective helps me live a calm life.

I strive to live peacefully. When I minimize conflict and find balance, I feel tranquil. When I put things into perspective, I feel positive, strong, and calm.

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Putting things into perspective means that I look at a challenging situation from all sides. I look for the positive aspects of the event. I tell myself that, although the situation may seem monumental or even devastating at the time, I can overcome it.

I am allowed to have my own attitudes and feelings. I select positivity and tranquility.

I identify the important aspects of my life. I realize that in terms of the overall picture, my life is fulfilling and beautiful. As I remind myself of these wonders, it is easy to see that any bumps in the road are unsubstantial compared to the abundance I have in my life.

My choice to put things into perspective empowers me.

I realize that I can view a situation however I decide. The nature of life is to present me with scenarios to navigate in my own ways.

Today, I manage any troublesome event by putting it into perspective. The peace and joy I feel each day are directly connected to my willingness to see all sides of a situation.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How effective am I at putting things into perspective when the going gets tough?
  2. What is the connection between looking at troublesome situations from all sides and being able to live a calm life?
  3. When was the last time I gained perspective on a situation and maintained my personal sense of calmness?
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