Relaxation is my tool for whittling away stress and finding peace of mind.

Relaxation is my tool for whittling away stress and finding peace of mind.

During the day, I take breaks to unwind. When I relax, stressful thoughts about my responsibilities are far, far away from my mind.

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My worries diminish as I slow down.

The more I let go, the more my stress is debilitated. The power of my worries dwindles with each minute that I spend in relaxation.

I use breathing techniques to help me calm down. As I breathe in slow, deep breaths, I envision power entering my body. As I breathe out, I see my tension and worries blowing away. With my eyes shut, I spend time just listening to the rhythm of the air waltzing in and out of my body. 

Relaxing is important to me because I know that if I can mold my thoughts, I sculpt my destiny. I have authority over my thoughts. My worries are powerless over me. Warm thoughts melt away my anxieties.

When the pace of life becomes too fast for me to keep up, I remove myself from it in order to refocus. I have a quiet place where I go to lose myself in thought.

Free time is something that I embrace and enjoy. I am comfortable when I spend private time. I write my own name in my planner. Having dates with myself helps me stay in touch with who I am.

Soft music helps me relax. My favorite sound is the ocean surf. Each time I hear a crashing wave, I visualize my worries dissipating. 

I am proud of myself for making me a priority and treating myself with the value and importance that I deserve. As a result, treasures are unlocked deep within me, and I rest my head in the hands of peace. 

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Is my breathing short and shallow or deep and slow?
  2. What tools could I use to help me enhance my relaxation experience?
  3. How do I unwind and recharge after a long day?
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