Role models show me how to live better.

Role models show me how to live better.

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Role models inspire me to accomplish more.

Their good example enriches my life.

When it comes to selecting role models, I look beyond wealth or fame. I seek people who demonstrate the values that I believe are important.

Sometimes it helps if they have gone through struggles similar to my own. This helps me to relate to them better. It also makes me feel more hopeful that I can manage a specific challenge just like they did.

My role models come from a wide variety of sources. Some are people who I know in real life, like my parents and teachers. Others are historical figures or characters out of books and movies.

Admiring Shakespeare or an Olympic athlete reminds me of all that human beings can achieve.

It is also important for me to focus on people who I can emulate right away.

Even when I follow a role model, I remain aware that I am making my own decisions. I may copy certain actions, but I try to adapt them to my unique personality and circumstances.

Reading books is an excellent way to learn, but surrounding myself with living role models can be even more effective. It makes the lessons more vivid and clarifies where I need to take action.

Today, I try to follow my role models more closely. I express my gratitude by taking their advice to heart and letting it transform my life.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Who are my three most important role models?
  2. What does my choice of role models suggest about my core values?
  3. How do my role models inspire me to change my life?
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