Sedona Method Verified By Harvard Scientists As Effective Self-Help Tool

If you haven’t heard of the Sedona Method then you’re in for a real treat.

That’s because according to Harvard researchers the Sedona Method: “stands out far and beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

But what is the Sedona Method exactly?

This is the exciting part. It’s a simple self-help tool that can help you remove the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programming getting in the way of you achieving success, prosperity, happiness, radiant health and anything else you want in life.

It was developed by physicist Lester Levenson (he was one of the few scientists chosen to work on the Manhattan Project) to help him deal with some serious health issues.

Levenson had a massive heart attack in 1952 at the age of 42. Doctors were amaze he live through it.

They sent him home to basically be confined to his bed for the rest of his life. Walking, tying his shoes, even taking a shower was considered risky life-threatening activity for Levenson.

Well, as you can imagine, he couldn’t see himself living a life of poor health. So Levenson went into the lab of himself and used his extensive scientific knowledge to figure out how he had gotten himself into such a mess.

Three short months later he had developed and used a primitive version of what later became the Sedona Method to completely cure himself.

The doctors were shocked and had no idea how he did this. After that, Levenson went on to prove his self-help technique could be used to achieve anything including financial freedom.

He went on to live to the ripe old age of 84. Twice as long as doctors thought he would. And he enjoyed a life of happiness, success and prosperity.

You can find out more about Lester Levenson’s Sedona Method by going here now… Sedona Method

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