Self-acceptance means continuing to appreciate everything about me.

Self-acceptance means continuing to appreciate everything about me.

The mirror in my house is my trusted friend. It provides a true reflection of me. That reflection reminds me to be thankful for who I am. It forces me to accept all parts of me.

I practice self-acceptance exercises each day. It is important to continually tell myself how special I am. Self-acceptance helps to build my confidence so I can go after what I want in life.

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I continue to appreciate everything about myself.

I believe I am deserving of every good thing I desire. Even though I may have a different background than someone else, I am still worthy of the same opportunities.

When I look at my physical features, I see a uniquely created individual. I take pride in having features that stand out in a crowd.

Even when I am unable to achieve a goal, I maintain full belief in my abilities. I know that once I have given my best effort, I have done enough. I avoid listening to the ramblings of detractors.

It is important for me to reward myself for achievements. It helps to build my self-esteem. When I am confident, I am more willing to face challenges head on.

Today, I recognize I must first love myself before I can expect others to love me. Once I show I believe in myself, I can gain the respect of others. I am prepared to push my doubts aside, so I can realize my true potential.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Am I gracious when receiving compliments from others?
  2. Do I make an effort to learn from the criticism of others?
  3. Do I show others my appreciation of them?
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