Simple Living: Getting By With Less

Simple Living: Getting By With Less

For many people, simplification can feel like an overwhelming task. The amount of stuff that may exist in your life may look like too much to tackle. This begs the question: Can you get by with less?
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Be aware that you don’t have to simplify all at once. You can take it one-step and one day at a time until you’ve conquered the mountain. You’ll get there eventually, and you may even enjoy yourself along the way. In the end, you’ll discover that a simple life can be the most fulfilling!

Try these strategies to help simplify your life:

  1. List your top priorities. Create a small list of the most important four or five things that you want to accomplish in your life. What are your priorities? Where do you most want to devote your attention? Keep this small list with you at all times so you never forget where you want to be.
  2. Drop one of your commitments. Find a commitment that takes up your time without giving you much value. Perhaps it’s something you dread doing or simply no longer enjoy. Take action today by dropping that commitment from your load.
  3. Start with a single drawer. Choose a single drawer or shelf in your home to begin your purge with. Empty everything out of the area into a single pile; then select only the important stuff you really want to keep. Get rid of everything else, either by throwing it away or donating it.
    • Clean out the drawer, simplify it, and organize it, and then you have your foundation for a simpler and more organized life. Ensure that everything remaining is put back in an orderly manner. From here, you can try another drawer or shelf.
  4. Simplify daily routines. Take a look at your daily routines and to-do list. If you’re trying to fit more than 10 tasks into your list for a day, then there are probably ways for you to simplify things. What can you eliminate, delegate, outsource, or even ignore? Shorten your list as often as you can by focusing on what really matters.
  5. Free up your time. Simply put: Find at least 20 minutes each day when you can sit down and think about simplifying.
  6. Clean up your desk. A clean desk can completely change how you’re feeling, and this is a simple task to complete, as well. Clean everything off your desk, creating a pile. Process your pile from the top down, one object at a time. Deal with each item individually. File it, route it to somewhere else, note it on a list of to-do items, or trash it.
    • Repeat the process until your desk is clear and your pile is empty. Complete this process at the end of every day so that your desk is always clean, organized, tidy, and most of all, simple. If you do this daily, it will take you only a few minutes each time.
  7. Slow down. Stop rushing through the day and start living at a slower pace. Work on simplifying your life by doing less and living much more consciously. Walk, drive, eat, and even work more slowly. Learn how to live in the moment, to be present, and to think simply.
  8. Avoid multi-tasking. Rather than multi-tasking, strive to do one thing at a time. Remove any distractions, resist the urge to check your email, and focus on one task at a time until you complete it. This will boost your productivity and reduce stress.

You can begin taking small steps toward living the simple life today. Know that you can learn to get by with less than what you have, and you can live well in the process – perhaps even better than you did before!

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