Skeptics and Spiritualists Debate the Existence of God

Skeptics and Spiritualists Debate the Existence of God

Deepak Chopra and Dr. Jean Houston in one corner, and Michael Shermer and Sam Harris in the other, intellectually battling it out over the existence or non-existence of God.

Well, who “won” the debate? Take a guess. No one, of course. There are many who sit on the sidelines to such a dialogue believing the God argument is pointless -you either believe, or you don’t. Arguing or debating about it is a complete waste of time, especially with those who feel passionately about the subject. How often does a participant in such as debate walk away convinced they are wrong or questioning their own beliefs? Okay cynics, your points are well taken.

Nevertheless, I find these discussions fascinating and entertaining. The concept, of “I” and awareness that Eckhart Tolle and Anton Grosz write and teach about, Consciousness and Evolution, Quantum Superposition and other topics that I have yet to fully grasp but give my mind a much needed work out in today’s information overload world.

The “fast food” diet of mass media makes the brain fat and incapable of moderately energetic mind activity. That’s why I find discussions like this one “detoxification” for the mind.

Enjoy the rest of the story here at The Huffington Post: The Future of God Debate

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