The Highest Good Of All

The Highest Good Of All

by Anton Grosz

I read an interesting book this week entitled The Next Evolution: A Blueprint for Transforming the Planet, by a visionary gentleman name of Jack Reed. It’s premise is simple… our world is becoming polluted, our resources are disappearing, the vast majority of Earth’s people are starving, disease ridden, or worse, and even those who think they’ve got it made live boring lives of quiet desperation, fearful of losing what they’ve amassed. And it’s all because we’re living in a dog eat dog society where everyone’s looking out for #1 and the rest of you be damned. The book would be a real downer if that were all it said.

Where it goes from there, however, is to describe communities of the future where nature is respected, where resources are used wisely, and where each individual considers and works for the good of the entire community in making their decisions and in living their lives. He calls it the principle of The Highest Good Of All and it leads to safe, healthy, fulfilling lives for each and every individual. It sounds wonderful and according to the examples he gives, could actually work. The key, however, will be to change the thinking and focus of homo economicus, the human species currently running and ruining the planet. And that won’t be easy.

You may recall from my previous blogs on The Real Reason for the Recession, that greed is the main cause of our woes. Earth does have the resources to provide for all its children. It is only because those who can take more than they need… that those who can’t don’t have enough. Utopian scenarios such as those in Reed’s book will only work when we when begin recognizing that the enrichment of “me-me-me” is not the loftiest goal to which we should dedicate our lives.

And that’s where The Higher Consciousness comes in. While there are those out there who do recognize that at our absolute core there is truly only one of us hiding out in different physical bodies, the vast majority of people alive today are more inspired by that outer physical separation than by our inner psychic unity. And they scratch and claw to get what they want even if someone else suffers as a result. It’s as stupid as if the individual fingers picked and scratched at the thumb for being different without realizing that if the thumb is destroyed the whole hand gets infected and they, too, will suffer.

Our brand of civilization and the life style it fosters cannot go on if the planet and its residents are to survive. In the long run, of course, Earth does not need us and we would not be the first species to go extinct. We would, however, be the first to do so as a result of our own actions and the choices we made. Tune in to your higher self. Recognize your connection to all life, tap into your Higher Consciousness, and you can’t help but live for The Highest Good Of All.

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